Berm-Mak is founded in 2001 in the centre of ceramic production of Turkey Bozuyuk. For the first time the company started its activities in 720 sqm. covered area for realize design of ceramic mould and equipments where used at tile-ceramic firms; constultancy, technical service, production and revision services.

In 2002 the company reaches high service capacity for all tile-ceramic companies of Turkey by increasing its covered area 1400 sqm.

Today , the plant reaches 5000 sqm. covered area in 44000 sqm. and reaches to production and revision capacity to produce all wall, floor and porcelain tiles between 2,5X2,5 to 60X120 dimensions parallel to technological developments.

All of our designs are prepared with CAD software and processed with computer controlled tools in production phase.

We contribute to Turkish Economy with our export to ceramic companies at lead Turkish Republics and also Europan, Asian and Middle East countries.

Our Aim is to enlarge product capacity and offer high quality service and last technologic products to our customers.